Easter Morning Photos

02 Apr 2013

We had so much fun.
In review, I forgot to put out the fancy new candlesticks (oops), and we ran out of time to dye eggs (darn). The backyard Lilacs weren’t in bloom yet (oh well – we bought gorgeous tulips at the farmer’s market). I never found time to get the dry cleaning done (don’t worry, I wore clothes). None of these things mattered.

We had an amazing time with our Crvarich cousins, who were in town for a few days, visiting from San Juan Capistrano. The kids get along like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Lucy and Kate are promised to be each other’s maids of honor. The boys played Knights vs. Pirates for HOURS. I will post the rest of the Crvarich photos soon.

Miss you guys! Talk soon I hope! XOXO

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