Laurel Hill Is Great

05 Oct 2012

Click to see larger. Shot on my back with my iPhone.

What’s not to love!?

Lucy has made some sweet little friends. We’re going to have a playdate this weekend with Vicky.
Here’s the two of them, matching like BFFs:

I had a “buzz” with Lucy’s teacher Kaile, and all is well. “She made the transition to pre-school really fast!” We’re encouraged to promote independence by having Lucy do more little things on her own, especially re: potty training.

I asked about Lucy’s major new friendship with a Pre-K boy, Domenic. Everyone seems to think it’s going well. If there was anything off, then I trust Kaile and Maria and Any One Of The Awesome Teachers would tell me. So I’m really happy – he’s a sweetheart.

Here’s Domenic, Giulia and Koko with Lucy on Bike Deck

And P.S.

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