Busy Weekend

21 Aug 2011

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What did you do this weekend??

The kids went up to Sebastopol with Omi and Omi, but no parents!
From the look of things, and by all reports, they has an AWESOME time!!
Thanks Omi & Opi!

It’s apple time! Heirloom Gravensteins – ahhh, the sweet smell alone gets me every time.

So — where were Mark and Vale you ask? It was Bachelor and Bachelorette weekend for Cole and Kiera.
The boys went to Vegas, and the girls stayed home in SF.
No Paparazzi!

okay, maybe one photo:

From left to right, that’s me, Maggie (Kiera’s friend), Nanu, Georgia the frenchie, Jeanette (Kiera’s mom), Lauren (Kiera’s sister), Madie, and Whitney (Kiera’s friend). Fun Weekend! XOXO!

And one more with all of us (Kiera!)…



I’ve got a VIDEO FROM VEGAS. It’s Priceless.

photo from Mark’s weekend in Vegas. The Bar is physically holding him up. Zach seems to be coping with gravity just fine….

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