Ciara and the Fair

02 Aug 2011

We had ourselves a very big day…
Most importantly we got to see Ciara – she just came to California this week. It’s so nice to see the cousins together!

And then Mark and I made a quick dash off to the Sonoma County Fair. We brought Oscar and left Lucy to swim with the girls. Oscar was so torn! He loves the fair, but was sad to miss swimming.

On the bright side, the fair was exciting…

And the cows were Gigantic. I wanted Oscar to see where all the milk comes from. These cows are milked twice a day and they produce an awful lot of milk.

Mark and Oscar tried their luck at the games…

Also, Mark posted on Facebook (technically he “checked in”) that we were at the fair, and lo an behold Karen Mac & Nelson were there too! Fun!

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