Lucy’s First Two Word Sentance (and other word developments)

13 Apr 2011

“Where’s Dada?”

(In the bathroom brushing his teeth.
You have to close the door to do it in peace, because Lucy is obsessed with it.)

Kiera said she swore she heard a ‘Where’s Georgia’ last week.
So I’m certain that the girl is actually, finally, learning to talk.
Other new words she knows are:

poo poo

I guess Oscar isn’t the only one working on short little words (he’s reading them.)
In Oscar’s world, these are called “sight words” and you should just know them on sight, skipping the need to sound them out. Oscar got a 100% on his sight words assessment at school.

Reading is so exciting! Omi reports that Oscar read to her last night, Make Way For Ducklings. It’s definitely one of his favorites. (He has pretty good taste in books! I credit Laurel Hill.)

Speaking of ducks, the other fun new Lucy sounds are the farm animals!
We have a collection of Schleich plastic toys that help a lot.

Lucy can do the sounds of a pig, a cow, a duck, a dog, a cat (‘no’ in the tune of ‘mew’), a rooster (that’s a fun one!) and you get the idea. She has by no means mastered them, but we’re all enjoying the process.

We haven’t been to any farms recently, but now I see we should! Omi & Opi’s place in Sebastopol should help – there’s some cute animals up there. We’ll be doing a weekend there soon. And a lot this summer I hope.

Lucy has made one other sentence; a long one. It goes like this:
She sound super conversational when she does it, which is Cuteness! Wish I had a recording.

Last, she has learned the sign language word for “more”. (You tap all your fingertips together – I think!!)
Well, we’re going with it. Lucy requests more of things easily, and I see she would have been a wonderful kid to do sign language with. It suits her (more physical than verbal). I just never had the motivation to learn it. And of course now it’s a case of third kid syndrome… They get what’s left. :) Maria Kelly is terrific with signing, and both of her girls enjoyed it before they were talking. Shall I learn another word, and teach Lucy? which word? suggestions?

Some more words that I should clarify/have in the Lucy record:
-cheese (heavy emphasis on the chee)
-peek a boo (heavy emphasis on the boo)
-nim nim (This is good for all food and any bottle – if she wants any liquid from a cup she makes the tisk tisk sound with her tongue)
-baby (two words, bay and bee)
-shoes (come out more of a “choose” – looks like she’s a fan of P.P.!)
-the lion’s roar is her best animal sound and don’t you forget it.

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