Breakfast Cereal

03 Mar 2011

Cereal is a Big Deal in this house. Not for me, but certainly for the two guys, and Lucy might be following in their footsteps (hard to tell with her bottle still being a dominant factor at that hour).
Back to cereal. ‘Life’ is king around here. Otherwise known as “Daddy cereal”, it is the perennial cereal of choice. Oscar can only have it by request, sometimes, and always after eating some of his own cereal first. This limitations on Life began in the early days when I didn’t want Oscar to consume so much sugar. He had Cheerios, and other non-sugar cereals. Now he has other cereals that I’m pretty sure have as much sugar as life. I guess we keep the Life restricted out of tradition, and to make sure there’s always some around for Mark. Oscar consumes at least 3 small-to-medium sized bowls of cereal every breakfast.
Weekends we do other breakfasts, but weekday mornings are 99% cereal.

Taken this morning (Click to see larger):

I have not come around to the cereal thing – for myself. But I do benefit from the ease of not being involved in the main course of breakfast! (I make juice and fruit for them.) My breakfast is always different, and I eat after dropping Oscar at school. Cereal is okay, but I prefer granola. What’s your favorite cereal?

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