November Gems

21 Nov 2010

Oscar has successfully grown a plant from a seed.
The kindergartners did them together (apparently Dillon’s didn’t grow – Oscar has mentioned it 3 times).
Anyways he loves his plant and is very proud. I haven’t a clue what kind of plant it is. The seed was bean shaped and humongous to start with. I figure they picked something akin to a weed so that it would be easy to grow.

We have enjoyed a nice Indian summer this year. The weather report said rain was coming, though, so yesterday I went out and raked the leaves. The garden is pretty much abandoned, but raking falls under the category of mandatory minimum upkeep (a.k.a. You gotta at least do this or you suck.).
Magically, there were some little blooms quietly doing their thing back there. Like the name of the salad at NOPA, Little Gems.
As I write this post tonight, we’re having thunder and lightning. My heart goes out to all these sweet little gems, freezing. At least they can enjoy immortality on Oscar & Lucy’s blog. Hello Winter.

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