Smart Lucy

16 Sep 2010

This morning, after we got back from dropping Oscar at school, Lucy was playing around in my room while I tried a 5 minute tidy-up (yeah right.) She was over in the corner by “Mark’s side” – something akin to the dark side. I don’t go over there if I can help it. Lucy used baby talk or whatever to get my attention; she had something to show me. She was holding in her hands a felt butterfly that was left over from when I remade her mobile that hangs over her crib.

“Oh”, I said, “where did that come from?” (I don’t actually know, but it doesn’t matter.) Lucy knew, though. She walked all the way into her room, “talking” and pointing the whole time. She held up the butterfly to show me that – at last – she got one of the butterflies. And she wanted me to know she knew. She was so happy with her find! (I never let her grab then for fear she’d rip the thing down.)

I was thrilled, and ran to grab my camera. I generally don’t take photos in her room because the light is so terrible. All the photos come out dungeon-esque and I don’t want to remember her room like that! Now that I re-read my sentence I feel a little neurotic, but there you have it. Anyways, here’s the pics:

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