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11 Sep 2012

Nothing comes to mind, but I start to stress if I haven’t posted in a while. :)
(go ahead, make fun.)

Here’s a cute pic from this morning:

Lucy wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty “ta-wawa” (tiara) but couldn’t find it.

Oscar learned the meaning of “commotion” and “perpendicular”.

I spent some of yesterday snickering at a hideous soccer mom’s rude email.

The other 99% of the day was spent wrestling with Lightroom.

Mark recycled some junk mail, but also retrieved some neighbor’s junk from the can, so we ended up “plus junk” in my accounting. (S.o.p.)

I bought a new pound of coffee, it might last me the week.


01 Sep 2011

This morning after we drove Oscar to school, Lucy and I were snuggling in my bed. We’d played together for a while, and nap-time was approaching. I pretended to sleep and Lucy decided to not sleep. (Shocking.) Instead, she started to tell me everything she knew. She pointed around the room and named off household items like Clock, Pants, Picture, Keys, Flashlite, Tissues, Door, Pillow, etc. As you can imagine, I was kinda floored at this outpouring of vocabulary. Then, she starts to tell me family members. Can you see where this is heading?
She said Dada, Mommee, and then paused. I whispered Oscar? (which she never says)
I said Lucy? She said Yu-cy.
I asked who else? (not quite believing my ears as it was)
Omi, Opi, NaNa, Chief (unbelievable cute ff sound), CoCo, GiGi, Ki-ah.

(Bob is the Crossing Guard at Clarendon – she has a crush on him and says Bye Bye Bob twice a day.)
So, can you believe it? Girlfriend has been holding out on us….
(Or maybe she’s just ready to talk.)

Oh and by the way, she’d like everyone to know that she can now say Rocket, not just Rah-Rah.