Oscar’s B-Day Grand Finale

06 Sep 2012

Here are the last photos from a Very. Happy. Birthday.

Click any pic to see it a bit larger.

This was at breakfast. Oscar got what he asked for: an iPhone.
I know, I know, hold your horses. First of all, it’s not actually functioning as a phone (no sim card), although it does have internet. And, we didn’t go out and get it. It’s a hand-me-down from Mark, from when he upgraded to the 4S. He uses it to play games, and he is newly on Instagram (more on that in a future post).
He has been using it already, but now it’s “his”, to keep with him, manage, and not share with Lucy.

Not a single pic during the day. :( Oscar went to school. He said it was good. I picked him up, with chocolate milk in hand. We drove across town to get Lucy, which is our new normal thing. Then we came home and started cooking dinner.

With family, Nanu & Chief, and Cole & Kiera. Alex and Madie were at a Giants game, celebrating Alex’s birthday (Also the 4th – HBD!).

This is the shot Kiera got with her phone, as seen above. (We’re all a little camera phone / Instagram addicted around here lately. I love it.) And, there’s no photo, (what was I thinking?!) but we also had a visit from Lucy’s Godfather, Carlo, and his soon-to-be wife Flor. They helped us sing happy birthday.

So many candles for my little guy! Seven! Crazy.

P.S. A song for Oscar

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