Fort Funston Field Trip

19 Apr 2012

Oscar’s class went for an all-day field trip to Ft. Funston on Monday. Naturalists showed them all kinds of cool stuff. They pet a chinchilla, hiked all the way down to the beach, studied the native plants, and played games like “Bat and Moth”.
At 5pm, all the families joined the kids. We made dinner together, and sat around the campfire. After s’mores, the kids got a Night Hike, with flashlights and trivia games. Thanks Sue, and parents, for an amazing field trip!

Lucy on the scene

We went out to look around before dinner

Ariel & Brayden

Sue – “Here I am!”

I love our class

A funny story

Time for s’mores (Oscar is a bit cooked himself)


Andrew helping Ariel put out a fire


Thanks Belinda Yee for some of the photos I used!!

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