Chores & Allowance

01 Apr 2012

It has been brought to our attention that Oscar needs to have Jedi status.
(don’t we all?)
Specifically, he has reached the higher levels on the “free” versions of his video games, and in order to continue on his quests, needs to pay to play. Working backwards, you will quickly see how we arrived at the subject of Allowance.

Help me! How do I navigate this? He is eager to do ‘chores’ but only the fun ones, and only if they can be completed quickly. The above photo is his effort at setting the table before pancakes. Okay.
Now can he please go clean his room?

PS. Lucy is pouting because today was the first day of No Bottles.
She is a ‘big girl’, and we need to stop the madness. Last night she asked for one in the middle of the night! Enough is enough and it’s going to have to be cold turkey. We tried limiting them to a couple of times a day, but that just turned them into a controlled substance. So wish us luck this week! I predict rough seas…

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