Road Trip Continued..

03 Apr 2011

So about that series of road trip posts… It was a misguided idea that was doomed to failure. I was having too much fun on vacay to waste any time posting. Here’s the brief synopsys, then stay tuned for a lil’ photo show..

We made our first stop in Bakersfield, to visit our old friends the Zaninovichs. It has been too long since we’ve seen Andy and Katy, and their kids, Tom, Peter and Marie. They are doing really well!
We went to the site of the new house they are building, in the middle of orange, cherry and almond orchards. It’s going to be so beautiful!

Next we drove to Orange county, to our cousins’ home in San Juan Capistrano. The Crvarichs are a wonderful family of five, and are no less terrific just because they have no “e”. (ha ha just teasing). Lucy is almost exactly the same age as their littlest, Kate. Mom Shannon was an amazing host to us and we got to hang out for some quality time. We really have only scratched the surface with our new favorite California cousins, but I say better late than never! We are now trying to woo them north to SF…

Tuesday was Disneyland. Total bliss – the weather was perfect, the kids didn’t whine or fuss, and we had a ball. The highlight of our day was when Oscar got picked to do Jedi training and got to fight Darth Vader. He resisted the temptation of the Dark Side and all was right in the universe.

Wednesday we hit San Diego. Uncle John rallied to host us, and also Cole and Kiera, and Na na and Chief. (NB: Nanu is attempting a switch to Na na, per Lucy’s abilities. Does this deserve it’s own blog post?)

Anyways, The Pool, the Hot tub, the sun, the company! San Diego was a total dream. UJ, we can’t thank you enough!! Muchas Gracias! And so good to spend quality time! (ps. I want that Manhattan recipe! :))
We had planned to go to the zoo, and so I asked Oscar to get out of the pool so we could get ready. “maybe later?” he asked. Okay kid, you got the right idea! Zoo never happened as we ran out of time, but no one missed it. Too busy chillin’ poolside. We felt so spoiled. Also we got to see our friend Cady, which was a special treat! Miss you!

Aaand, Sunday night. Return to regular life.
Photos shortly I hope.

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