Oscar’s 5th Birthday Party – Star Wars!

02 Sep 2010

One of my favorite parties ever! Oscar was truly enjoying every minute of it. Huge props to the Kelly girls for being such sports – They had not seen one bit of Star Wars, yet they were game to wear the costumes. (I will never forget Maria sweetly selling the Leia whites – “Bella, it’s a *Space* Princess.”)
Many, Many thanks to Sweet Kiera for the unforgettable cookies. Amazing. You keep raising the bar! The bonus S’mores cupcakes were a hit as well. Thank you family and friends, costumed and otherwise, and Special Appreciation to Uncle Alex as Chewbacca – you Made The Party!

Thanks to Cole, Kiera and Chief for much of the photography. You never can shoot your own party.
Enjoy the show! xo, Vale

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Here’s a cute pic of Isabella and Oscar:

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