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Nickle Family Visit

06 Feb 2013

Our long-time college friends, Greg and Jen came with kids and dog for the funnest sleepover in memory!
The kids are ADORABLE – crazy sweet.
(Did you expect anything less from an Aquilina?)
Tyler is 12, Brady 9, Holly 7.
And Koda, a Great Pyrenees puppy, is only 6 months! Hes gonna be huge.
(I’m in love)

Sleepover At Omi’s With Fiona

13 Jul 2011

Awesome kid photos by Omi – Click any to see larger

The Grandkids were “In it to win it” as American Idol would say.
They played, they crafted, they lunched, they napped. They listened to Fiona’s music. They cooked mini sized German hotdogs. They had so much fun just being together.

Omi had my kids for the day, and then that turned in to a spontaneous sleepover. (I know, lucky me!) Also, as luck would have it, there was just enough diapers in the bag to make it.

Aunt Karen was so thoughtful – she sent along some fun boxes of crafts for the kids:

I love how Lucy is rocking the scarf in these shots taken in the backyard.

Fun times in the frisco fog! XOXO Thanks Omi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar’s First Sleepover

04 Jan 2011

Oscar could not stop talking about his planned sleepover. This was the item on the Mollard Family Visit agenda he wanted the most. He’d confirm what day was it was, who would be there, how I would come and get him in the morning. Grandma Bobbie’s is the dream date of sleepovers. What’s not to love: cozy, friendly, and everything a boy could want, in abundance. (food, video games etc.)
The inside scoop is that it was storming pretty fiercely that night. The house is big and old – the kind that makes noises in the night when the winds blow. Before bed Kristi checked in on them: Sam and Cole were already asleep (the moment their heads hit the pillows). Oscar’s eyes were the size of saucers. She said he looked resigned – this is what he’d been asking for, and here was the moment. Kristi decided to spare him the next hour of lying there wide awake. She offered Oscar a spot next to her bed, across the hall. He accepted quickly. She re-set him up, and then his head hit the pillow, and he was out too.

Reports of a large breakfast and rumors of 20 pancakes eaten the next morning.
Here’s the snap I took when I said good night.

click to see larger.